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Что делать, если ваш кейс "застрял" в ИНС?

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СообщениеДобавлено: Вс Июл 15, 2007 3:38 pm Ответить с цитатой Добавить пользователя в ИгнорЛист

Очень редко, но бывает, что документы надолго оседают в каком-либо ведомстве, задействованном в визово-иммиграционном процессе. Казалось бы, что и причин особых нет попадать под столь тщательную проверку, однако ничего не происходит месяцами. Вы ждете, звоните, пишите, а ответ все тот же "Ждите". Что делать в этом случае?
Человек, которому пришлось пройти через это, любезно поделился с нами своими мыслями по этому поводу. Дайте Вашему петиционеру ознакомиться с этим письмом, прислушайтесь к совету того, кто столкнувшись с такой неприятностью, все же смог найти выход из затруднительного положения (имена и личные данные изменены по просьбе автора).

It is not uncommon that couples have inexplicable problems and strange delays with the USCIS. If your waiting period has expired, and you are trying to get answers, and you don’t understand why your questions to the USCIS aren’t being answered – we recommended that your first and best action to move your case from this ‘dead point’ is to ask your congressman or senator for help. Your legislators have staff whose job is to deal specifically with these sorts of problems. ‘Constituent services’, as this staff is often called, have ‘inside’ contacts. The types of contacts which even attorneys don’t have. Your congressperson or senator’s staff knows the laws and guidelines. The USCIS can’t whitewash them. It is USCIS and Embassy regulation that they must respond to congressional staff inquiries within 48 hours. If you have reached this point of frustration where you are searching for help, you already know you cannot get answers that fast.

If you are in over your head, call to your federal representatives offices (located in your state) and get an appointment. Bring copies of all papers from your case which you have because they will want to understand your problem clearly. When you arrive, they will likely ask you to write, within about one page, the nature of your problem. Be prepared to do this, with a concise and clear description of the problem. You are asking them to help you pass a roadblock. Know in your mind, and be prepared to write, exactly how they can help you. Remember, they receive many inquiries. The better you can concisely describe your situation, the better they can help you to quickly solve it. If you simply don’t know what the problem is, just explain where your case became stuck. They can probably figure out why. ‘Constituent services’ is specifically tasked with solving such problems. They know the law; they know of peculiarities of different embassies. They have ‘inside’ email addresses, phone numbers, and contacts. Their services are free. If you run into trouble, their help can be much better than the help of an attorney – and cheaper.

To give you an example of how they can help, I will give you only one example: ours (though I know many examples of their helpfulness). My husband got help from our senator twice.

The first time: she helped us to find out that our documents were lost in the USCIS. It was absolutely not possible to get this information ourselves: the only answer my husband got from the USCIS was “You must wait!” How long should we wait? They couldn’t say. We waited for our approval 9 months and we even couldn’t get the answer why all other people who applied their petition with us were approved already? It took only a few days for our senator to discover the truth. Unfortunately, we had to petition again (but at least we knew what to do, instead of continuing to wait) and were approved in less than 5 months (the waiting period in our CIS center was 180 days that time).

The second time: she helped us with the embassy when we got refusals based on a series of continually changing reasons. Our consul asked us about additional documents, and when he got them, he asked about more additional documents. Again, and again… And in several months, they just stopped answering our e-mails and phone calls. My husband was awake late many nights, returning calls to the Embassy, trying to get straight answers to simple questions. We understood that it was time to ask our senator about help again. In a couple of weeks after my husband spoke with our Senator’s office (Kudos Senator Murray!), we received a short e-mail from the embassy: “Your fiancée should arrange an appointment date for her visa issuance”. WOW! I couldn’t believe it would finally happen! Honestly, sometimes I thought our bad luck would finish never. That’s why I was so surprised that they wanted ME to schedule an appointment! Because of our Senator’s office, months of hassles has ended. I got my visa without any new questions. The consular staff, who knew us well, (with unhappy ‘stone faces’) just took our passports (my daughter and mine), pasted visas into them and reminded me that I must marry within 90 days after I enter the US.

So, if you have any problems, inexplicable delays, and can’t get answers for your questions – try to get help from your senators or congressmen.
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СообщениеДобавлено: Сб Окт 16, 2010 7:19 pm Ответить с цитатой Добавить пользователя в ИгнорЛист

По опыту одной из форумчанок, появилась возможность дозвониться супервайзеру USCISа, который возможно даст болше информации по вашему кейсу.
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tigrenok писал(а):
У нас пока апдейтов никаких не было, уже прошло 5,5 мес. только седня наконец-то нам по телефону супервайзер сказала, что наша петиция уже на этаже для рассмотрения у служащего на руках, кто занимается эпрувами. Поэтому скоро мы должны получить ответ. персональный номер телефона супервайзера я нашла на другом форуме. Она нас очень обрадовала хорошей новостью и была очень приятной в общении. если кому надо, то вот ее личный номер телефона 949-389-3213 Калифорнийский Сервисный Центр, ее зовут Рут.

Все, что нас не убивает, потом об этом сильно пожалеет :)))
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